Invasive Species

The UK is already under attack from various forms, Aquatic and Vegetative are key concerns for the Association.
You can all help combat the spread of these pests by taking simple precautions -

CHECK Clothing, Boots, Nets, Sacks etc  
CLEAN all equipment.
DRY thoroughly, preferably in direct Sunlight.

Under no circumstances use wet Landing / Keep nets at different waters.  Keep a seperate set if you can.

Some invasives can appear 'innocent' and are difficult to spot so please be on your guard.

Stink Bags & Wellie Bags pose a particular risk.  You may dry your nets and wellies but what about the bags ???  Turn them inside out and 'C,C,D' !

Please take a look at this link for more details and identification :- Invasives    

Currently we are battling against Australian Stonecrop (New Zealand Pygmyweed) in and around both Horseshoe and Island Pools.
This out competes all native species and will completely clog pools and water courses if left unchecked. A tiny fragment on footwear or nets is all that it needs to 'move' elsewhere.

Himalayan Balsam is all too common along Checkley Brook.
Signal Crayfish inhabit Fletchers Pool and must be destroyed if captured.

Please report anything that may pose a risk.                Early action may prevent a major problem in future.

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