A Piece of History (1)

The early post war period gave rise to many local pubs arranging fishing matches and associated trips.

Some of the men from the village were keen to adopt fishing as their prefered leisure pursuit. It was from this small group that the idea of forming a Fishing Club emerged. The 'seed' was sown ......

and consequently, Wybunbury Anglers Association became established in 1949 following informal meetings.

The first 'minuted' meeting didn't take place until May 1950 ; the venue was The Swan Inn, Wybunbury. The following was recorded :-

        "At a general meeting called for 14th May 1950 at 8pm, the following business was transacted -      Attending were Messrs. Billingsley, Oakes, Birchall, Bebbington, Barker, Harding, Twiss, Bratton.

It was proposed and seconded that -

1.It was agreed to form an Angling Assocn. in the village.

2. the Officers elected were :-  Mr. Billingsley, Chairman,   Mr.S Birchall, Secretary,   Mr.G.Oakes, Treasurer.

3.it should be called Wybunbury Anglers Association.

4. the fee be 5 /- (Five shillings) for Adult.

5. a Committee of 5 members - Messrs. S.Bratton, F.Bebbington, Barker, Twiss, Harding.

6. the Association apply for affiliation into Cheshire Anglers Association; application made to J.Potts, 45 Richard Street, Crewe 14/5/50.

7. application be made for permission for The Association to fish Doddington Pool. - Col.Denys, Prince Albert Chambers, Crewe. 14/5/50.     (It is understood that Col. Denys was responsible for Cheshire Home Guard during the War.)

This concluded the meeting.

Signed B.Billingsley, Chairman               S.E. Birchall, Secretary.    "

The above minutes were endorsed with the following footnote :-

"14th May 1950  This meeting was called with the intention of forming a fishing club in the village of Wybunbury, and was the result of talks on the idea between Messrs. S.E. Birchall and Mr. F.E. Bebbington in March.  Further talks were held including Mr. S. Bratton.

On the 1st May 1950 notices of the first Meeting were placed in the Swan Hotel & Post Office. "


And onwards we went ...............

This compiled by present Secretary, Paul Harding. 15th January 2017.  Further extracts from the archives will appear from time to time.


2nd Meeting

At a meeting held on Thursday 25th May at 8pm in the Swan Hotel, the following business was transacted.

ie. Moved and seconded :-

1. Minutes of the last meeting accepted.

2. that LADIES be accepted into the Association.

3. that JUVENILES be accepted at a subscription of 3/- (shiilings) annually up to 18 yrs of age.

4. reply from C.A.A. (Cheshire Anglers Association), to application for affiliation.

5. that the Association accept the Rules of the C.A.A.

6. that the Secretary should attend C.A.A. executive meeting on Saturday 3rd June 1950.

7. that the next meeting be held on Friday 2nd June at 8pm.

This concluded the meeting.

Chairman - Byrd Billingsley.         Secretary - S.(Sam) E. Birchall

Messrs - Bratton, Twiss, Harding, Oakes, Bebbington.


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